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HEC RAS - One Dimensional (Basic)

This is a refresher and primer for one-dimensional (Basic) HEC RAS or open channel hydraulics. Much more information is included in the course description.


  • Refresher/Primer on 1D open-channel hydraulics:
    • Context and Governing Equations
    • Hydraulic Section Properties
    • Steady vs Unsteady flow
    • Uniform vs Varied flow
    • Gradually Varied Flow vs Rapidly Varied Flow
    • Subcritical vs Supercritical flow
    • Energy Equation
    • Manning’s Equation
    • Limitations of HEC-RAS 1D steady-state model
  • Step-backwater calculations
  • Cross-section layout
  • Manning’s roughness
  • RASMapper Example Model Walkthrough
    • Gathering data for the new model:
      • Existing hydraulic modeling
      • Effective FEMA Flood zone
      • Terrain data
      • Aerial imagery
      • Design Flow Criteria
      • ADT
      • Estimating Flow data
      • Boundary conditions
      • Manning’s n roughness values
  • Creating and adding geometry data to HEC-RAS
    • Determining downstream study limit
    • Cross-section layout
    • Stream centerline, overbank flow lines, and bank station lines
    • Inputting the bridge geometry
    • Determining modeling parameters
    • Determining ineffective flow areas
  • Bridge Hydraulics Overview
    • Bridge hydraulic computations in HEC-RAS
  • Running HEC-RAS and Reviewing Results
    • Review Cross-sections
      • Overtopping
      • Ineffectives
  • Review Modeling Parameters
    • Boundary Conditions
    • Manning’s roughness
    • Bank Stations
  • Iterative Bridge Modeling Solution
    • Adjusting based on new b/B values
  • Review Profiles
    • Check reach lengths
    • Investigate Critical Depths
    • Crossing profiles
    • Adverse water surface slopes
  • Review Summary of errors, warnings, and notes
  • Review Summary and Detailed Output Tables
  • Setting up and using RASMapper
    • Set Coordinate System
    • Bring in aerial imagery
    • Create Terrain
    • Generating and Viewing Results
  • Alternative Geometry Pre-Processors for HEC-RAS
    • ArcGIS/HEC-GeoRS

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