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OpenRoads Designer

OpenRoads Designer I

MicroStation is built into OpenRoads and MicroStation CONNECT I (or a basic working knowledge) is a prerequisite to this course. This course guides you through an OpenRoads Designer (ORD) roadway workflow using terrain models, civil geometry, dynamic profiles, creating templates, corridor modeling, dynamic sections, volumes, plottable sections, plan and profile creation as well as proposed terrain model creation. The drafting portion of the software is covered in MicroStation CONNECT I.


28 PD hours

OpenRoads Designer II

This course is designed for civil engineers and designers who currently use OpenRoads Designer (ORD) for design and evaluation of highway or other corridor projects. It goes above and beyond the basic ORD course to enhance the students’ productivity and troubleshooting skills with the software in the topics listed below, with a primary focus on corridors and the creation of 3D models.

$1,450.00 excl. Tax

28 PD hours

OpenRoads Designer Survey

This 2-day course exposes students to the entire workflow for using OpenRoads Designer (ORD) Survey. Students import data from a number of sources, reduce it to coordinates, display the results and correct coding errors. The data is then used to generate reports for uploading, terrains for design and graphics for planimetrics. This course is recommended for surveyors and others who will use ORD Survey for the office-side of preparing survey data to pass on to designers.


14 PD hours

Microstation CONNECT

MicroStation CONNECT I - 2D Drafting Basics Using Either MicroStation or OpenRoads

This course teaches the basics of 2D MicroStation drafting using example highway projects. Learn how to draw civil engineering details using Placement, Modify, Manipulation and Grouping tools with AccuDraw. Also work with Cells and References. The course teaches the workflow for creating sheets including Drawing Models and Sheet Models. Learn how to annotate in the Drawing Model and work with the Sheet Models in the Sheet Index, including how to plot the sheets. This course is a prerequisite to OpenRoads I.


28 PD hours

Upgrading to MicroStation CONNECT

This course covers the new user interface and new features in the MicroStation CONNECT edition. It is designed to teach existing MicroStation V8i SS2, SS3 or SS4 users how to navigate the new interface and apply the new software enhancements to a civil environment. This course is taught using KYTC standards and configuration.


14 PD hours

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MicroStation CONNECT II - 3D Drafting, Solids Modeling & Advanced concepts using MicroStation or OpenRoads

This course teaches the basics of 3D drafting & solids modeling using either MS or ORD applications. Goes beyond the basics of 2D drafting by exploring 3D concepts needed for working on civil-related projects including basic 3D drafting. Other concepts - creating 3D parametric cells, creating single sheets (plan & typical sections), creating special auxiliary sheets, creating reports and tables, working with raster images like aerial photos and topo maps and using Bing Maps for background images.

$1,150.00 excl. Tax

21 PD hours

ORD Drainage

OpenRoads Designer Drainage

This course utilizes the KYTC drainage workspace and is developed to equip drainage designers on KYTC projects to be able to complete the drainage design.

$950.00 excl. Tax

24 PD hours

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Highway Capacity

Highway Capacity Analysis

This training course presents lectures, software demonstrations and application examples on the Highway Capacity Manual 7th Edition (HCM7) procedures. Step-by-step instruction of the HCM methodologies will be provided for each analytical chapter. The Highway Capacity Software (HCS2022) implements and automates the HCM7 procedures. Each lecture will be followed by example problems and a software demonstrations. A comprehensive workbook is provided to include all slides.


9 PD hours

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Roadside Design

Roadside Design Guide

This training presents an overview of the AASHTO "Roadside Design Guide" with an emphasis on Kentucky Transportation Cabinet policies and practices. The AASHTO "Roadside Design Guide" is the textbook for this course and a copy will be given to each student as a part of the training enrollment fee.


16 PD hours

Basic Traffic Engineering

Basic Traffic Engineering

This training presents an overview of how traffic engineering practices can be incorporated into the highway design process. This course is required for prequalification for KYTC Advanced Traffic Engineering Design and Modeling.

$250.00 excl. Tax

4 PD hours

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